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A Pictorial History

A Gaelic proverb urges us to remember the men from whence we came.

Today that has been widened to people as a whole and to an appreciation of our heritage which might not necessarily be part of our personal families, but very much a part of a national or area inheritance.

A most joyful trend in modern times has been the growth and expansion of local history societies and of local research and in that field there are few better and more enthusiastic than Rae MacGregor. As well as being a fund of knowledge about the Inveraray author Neil Munro and being a founder member of the Neil Munro Society, she has built up a vast store of data about the town and the surrounding glens. She is a true enthusiast, a native of Argyll, and lives right in the heart of this area which she loves and knows so well.

The postcards and pictures in this presentation often show a way of life that has gone. They make the past live for us. They have been chosen after many hours of sifting and examining material. This, the resulting publication, will undoubtedly be of local interest, but many outsiders like myself (either new to Inveraray or who have come to have a great affection for the burgh) will find them of absorbing interest.
Remember the people from whence you came

Rennie McOwan.
March 1997